Kubernetes: Building the New Cluster

Output of kubectl get nodes which will be referenced below for the node ages of 106 days

I am just a little slow at writing blog posts, but you know, thats alright. As I am sure you can tell from the image above, the cluster has been running in the new configuration for a few months at this point and besides some non-hardware specific issues, it has been a good transition. My server rack is a good bit quieter since being able to shut down the old HP server and probably running on a few less watts as well. While I did lose my cluster age counter being over 950 days in the process, the cluster is still the exact same one I started with as each component has been replaced Ship of Theseus style in the process.

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Kubernetes: My Cluster Today

Nota Bene: This was written well before it got posted, cluster has been re-built, new post to come.

Kubefetch output showing basic cluster information including version, node count, pod count, age, etc.

I am on the verge of retiring some of my current infrastructure that has been serving me well for about four years. My current Kubernetes cluster has been operational on this hardware coming up on three years. It is surprising I have lasted this long before the itch to change something caused me to buy something new… But, before I go into anything about the hardware I have purchased and plans that I have for it, I figured I might as well document the state of my compute world today (at least as far as it pertains to my home Kubernetes cluster).

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