A New Look for My Poker II

In the past six or so months I have been getting more into Mechanical Keyboards and high-quality peripherals. I figure since I am using a keyboard all day I might as well put a little money into one of the biggest tools for my livelyhood. That was when I purchased the Vortex (or KBC, iKBC, and many other brand names) Poker II. It is a 60% keyboard, lacking dedicated function keys, numpad, and arrow key opting for those options being under a function layer. This provides a lot of functionality in a very small package. Along with functionality, the mechanical keyboard world offers a lot of customization if you are willing to do the work or pay the prices. Recently I paid such a price to put a little flair and upgrade on my keyboard. Withough further adeu:

iKBC Poker II with PBT Keycaps

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Brand New Site

Update (2019): This post was kept mostly because I didn’t want to delete any posts, but the site has since moved to Winston.Milli.ng so this is less relevant now.

Hello and welcome to my new site, W4C dot BE (blog title style shamelessly stolen from WIL WHEATON dot NET). This site has been created with the idea that it will harbor my thoughts, ramblings, projects, and maybe even my music. It was created using the Hexo static blog generator and is therefore the first project to be mentioned here as I created the theme mostly from scratch for this site

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