Git Workflow Utilities: git-stp and git-wipit

A while back I created a few git utilities which I am sure are available in other packages but I had the immediate need and boredom to create. Those are git-stp (Git: Stash, Test, Pop) and git-wipit (Git: WIP it good, WIP it real good!).

The first utility, git-stp, grew out of a need to continually stash particular changes, run a test framework around the commited changes, and pop the stash back if everything was OK. This was to ensure that each commit I made was green in isolation, a requirement of our team at the time.

The second utility, git-wipit, was created because I found myself writing quick WIP (Work In Progress) commits during the day before meetings, lunch, leaving, etc. Instead of wasting the energy to stage and commit all changes, I decided to shorten the effort to two words: git wipit. The utility also allows for pushing commits off to a branch based on the current branch name (i.e. if you are on feature-12345 it would then create wip/feature-12345 for you) or a name you specify (wip/<user-provided-name>).

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