LEGO on my Laptop: A Neat Way to Organize Peripherals

I was recently inspired by a reddit post where they used LEGO on the back of a Surface Pro 3 to help organize their peripherals while on the go. Since my primary machine is now a laptop and I am near a LEGO store I figured I would give it a shot. I used a green baseplate and whatever flat brick material I could find and created this monster:

Loaded Backplate of LEGO-ized Laptop | © Winston R. Milling 2016

The green base plate and the flat lego pieces on the peripherals are attached using permanent double sided tape. It is really nice going from one USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0 to four of each, with all ports individually controllable via hardware buttons. I now have just enough space to get all the usual carry along items on the back of the laptop. Here is what it looks like without everything on it:

Unloaded Backplate of LEGO-ized Laptop | © Winston R. Milling 2016

Since I had enough back plate material left over I thought it would be a decent idea to attach it to the wall with my standing desk. While my wire management is still not the best, it at least helps to get most of the wires off of the main work area. Now if only I could solve the problem of having too many items to hook into the hubs.

Extra Mounting Plates on Standing Desk | © Winston R. Milling 2016

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