I am sure I am about 4 years behind the curve on this one, but I recently came across the neat concept of ‘humans.txt’. The basics of the concept is a extra file which is not intrusive to the code or experience of the site. It is located at the root, just like the much used ‘robots.txt’, but lists the authorship, how to contact them, where to look for their work, thanks to those who helped, and even the technologies used to build the site.

Using the standard found on the humans.txt site I have built my own file and placed it on the few sites I have written. You can see the current content of the file below, or see if it updated here.

{% codeblock lang:txt %} /* TEAM */ Developer:Winston R Milling Contact:Winston [at] W4C.BE Blog:W4C.BE GitHub:/WRMilling Twitter:@W4CBE Callsign:W4CBE From:Greater Atlanta Metro Area, GA, USA

/* SITE */ Last update:2015 Language:English Doctype:HTML5 IDE:Cloud9IDE {% endcodeblock %}

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