Outings in New York City: The Second

About two weekends ago Haley and I took a trip out to the Brooklyn bridge and actually remembered to bring the camera so we have a few more pictures for the world. We took a subway down to City Hall in NYC and walked from the Manhattan side over to the Brooklyn side, taking the time to get a few good shots from under the bridge. Just like last time, if you like them then feel free to share this post or comment here and email me if you would like larger copies. Enjoy!

My Wonderful and Beautiful Wife Haley | © Winston R. Milling 2015

Walking Up to the First Tower | © Winston R. Milling 2015

Obligatory Up the Ropes Shot | © Winston R. Milling 2015

Middle of the Lattice of Metal That Makes Up the Spans | © Winston R. Milling 2015

Looking Up of the Brooklyn Side Tower | © Winston R. Milling 2015

The Whole Brooklyn Bridge Set Against the Skyline | © Winston R. Milling 2015

And a bonus shot of the Manhattan Bridge from the Brooklyn river park:

Bonus Shot of the Manhattan Bridge Tower | © Winston R. Milling 2015

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