Off to New York City!

In the coming week I will be leaving the Greater Atlanta Metro area for the confines of a one bedroom apartment in the middle of Manhattan. This is a voluntary move for an opportunity offered to me through my work for The Home Depot. I will be pairing with a company during my time in NYC to build my skill-set on the Extreme Programming front. The current plan places me up north for around a 22 week stint and I am extremely excited to be going.

The real fun starts early next week when Haley, Maggie (the dog), and I grab a rental car and hit the road for the 14 hour drive. We will be making it a two day trek up the east coast, arriving in New York in the early afternoon. It was absolute hell trying to find a hotel which worked with the internal reservation system and would accept pets without a $100-$250 non-refundable pet fee. This could have all been avoided if any airline would accept Boston Terriers in the cabin, but apparently “snub” nosed dogs are no longer allowed. Oh well, it will make for a great adventure getting up there.

New York will be an amazing change from my routine down south. For one I will be leaving my largest time wasting vice, my desktop computer, behind me. Towards this end, I recently purchased a Chromebook which will allow me to still work on my personal projects without tempting me with all the gaming I normally get distracted with. I will also be starting a new dietary lifestyle with Haley while we are up there. Moving toward the European-style of purchasing food the day of the meal and basing it off of a healthier main entree depending on what we find looks good that day. This, in conjunction with a more active routine, will hopefully help me lose a little bit of the weight I have been putting on. The plan is also to write more on these subjects here as my trip continues.

Finally, we just got a new camera to document our time in New York, so hopefully look out for some good pictures as well.

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