About Me

My name is Winston Milling, and this is a site mostly centered my professional life, hobbies, and other such interests. My intent is to write posts about what is consuming me at the time of writing one. This will include the disparate realms of programming, homelabbing, technology, woodworking, metalworking, general making, amateur radio, and such.

With the advent of this website I am retiring (or at least re-directing) all the sites I have run over the years for different purposes including WRMilling.com (resume site), W4C.BE (blog), and WinstonMilling.dev (simple landing page). Also, I am sure you, the astute reader, have already realized that this site is hosted on a domain hack of my actual name. This is the main reason I condensed down to a single website as I could not pass up the opportunity to have Winston.Milli.ng and Winston@Milli.ng as my domain and email respectively.

Read around and if you have any comments or thoughts feel free to email me or hit me up through the contact form. To find out more about me outside of this site, take a look at the social media and professional sites below: